This weeks “Developer Spotlight” is something I’m pretty excited about! Contract by Jared Webster looks to be an independent filmmaker’s dream. The film will follow a journalist desperate for her spotlight and is thrust into a world of assassins and mystique. One day after requesting a room mate she is confronted by a abnormal knock on the door. The story from there is sure to be one of intrigue and thrills.


According to Jared Webster, on his Indiegogo campaign page,

Alice is a headstrong, unemployed journalist who has just moved from her hometown to the city in order to make her big break. Realising that she needs to find her success through a sensational story, she uncovers one in the form of the recently deceased former tenant of her new flat. Alice starts to investigate the story, drawing herself further into the world of contract killing until she finds herself under the wing of her mysterious new housemate, Rosie.

Jared Webster was inspired to write the story after moving to London, and receiving his former tenants mail time after time. With just the small part they filmed to show what they are capable of it’s something that should spark anyone’s curiosity and wonder where the story goes from now.

You can watch the video in 4K which is very exciting, as the filmmaker is taking their time, getting the correct equipment and doing this right. It’s not just something that was made on a whim and the results are spectacular.


If you can, be sure to contribute whatever you can to get this film made. You still have time, and anything helps. Head over to the Indiegogo page here and see what you can do for them.

I say this all the time, independent creativeness is what will keep the world spinning. Let’s keep working together and creating.


Does Contract look like something you’d be interested in?


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