We love original and new content here at Shut Up! I Like This, and so I recently began “Developer Spotlight”, where I take a film or game from Indieogogo, Kickstarter or another creation funding site and give it the attention it deserves. This weeks selection is none other than Yohancé: The Movie.

Yohancé: The Movie’s main goal is to create a short film, first and foremost. The holy grail is to get their full feature funded and released on blu-ray which sounds amazing, I would have a copy sitting on my shelves for sure. Before we go any further, you can download Yohancé comics from Comixology here.




Yohancé: The Movie is the brain child of creator Paul Louise-Julie. Starting as a digital comic series before successfully launching a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 to launch physical issues for it’s readers.

Yohancé is an African Space Opera with nothing but potential to keep expanding it’s universe. Independent creators are a vessel of unimaginable possibility and Yohancé is no different. Check out the creator’s explanation of the story:

Yohancé is the story of a young but gifted thief who, after stealing a precious crystal, gets embroiled in a century-old battle . Before he knows it, he’s found himself at the center of an intergalactic conflict involving ancient Empires, shadowy personas, bounty hunters and all the things that make space opera great.

Are you interested yet? After stumbling upon this in my weekly cruise through Kickstarter and Indiegogo I was frozen in place. It instantly captured my imagination and I’m excited at the probability of this project getting launched and produced.


You have 23 days left and can contribute as little as $10.00 to help the project, or even contribute enough to get a cameo in the film! We need more creativity in this world, and we cannot let opportunities like this pass us by. In the paraphrased words of Kevin Smith, “You can be two types of people in this world, a creator or not, be a creator and choose to fill this world with imagination.”

Go support this film at Kickstarter and give them a follow on Twitter.


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