I grew up with many late nights filled with MMO’s, from Diablo, EverQuest, to World of Warcraft and now everything in between. I have played a ton of free-to-play MMO throughout my life, especially when I was young or broke, and still scroll the depths of the internet looking for just the right mix. I don’t know how but I just recently starting playing Star Wars – The Old Republic, I don’t know what took me so long. As I was finishing up my session and closing out to my desktop I noticed, I had DC Universe Online, Star Wars – The Old Republic and Lord of the Rings Online. This got me thinking of other great film/comic games, Marvel Heroes Omega, Star Trek Online and remember The Matrix Online? What other franchises could make fantastic MMORPG’s and be successful? Well after about an hour of hard, debilitating thought I’ve thought of five that could very well fit into that mold.

Mad Max Onlinemaxresdefault (2)

Yeah, I get it, there’s a Mad Max video game already. There is no online, or multiplayer though. Taking the open world and adding some MMORPG elements could be incredibly bad ass though. Level up your survivor, scrap and build your own car, race other players, build your own weapons, sounds like a winner to me. I’d play the hell out of this, but then again I enjoy pretty much everything.


Aliens have made it back to Earth and are invading everywhere! Get your pals, guns, medics, and shields and defend that base! See, it works already. Take the classic archetypes and throw in Aliens, a cool backstory and a new story to tell. Add some more lore to this amazing franchise and get players into your game. Of course though, there will have to be solo instances that will scare you and make you turn on your lights, cough, Alien: Isolation.

Men in Blackhgfg


Let’s take the split factions on this one. You can be the aliens, or the Men in Black. Create, grow and equip your alien or MIB and prepare for PvP, raids, and all the guns you can find. Although it’d be kind of boring if the only armor you could equip was a black suit… So not all the kinks have been worked out but I’m just the idea man, make this happen nerds.


So I cheated on this one, it’s my article. While Gladiator isn’t a franchise, I think it could make for some incredible “Leeroy Jenkin’s stories” with your friends. There have been countless sword and sandals games but taking it to the MMORPG level could be something unique. Again, most of the game play would probably leans toward PvP, but you could still have your traditional quest and group system, bounties, ect. Plus how satisfying would it be starting in nothing and getting that first leather tunic, +1 DEF.

Horror Movie OnlineHellbound-Hellraiser-II-20

Okay, so we have DC Universe Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Marvel Heroes Omega. Damn, I just want to be the bad guy. I propose a traditional MMORPG where you create, level up, and terrorize the world with your own horror movie monster. Be it a cenobite like creature, a classic movie monster like Frankenstein’s Monster, or a slasher like Jason. Give the players the choice! You terrorized a married couple at 4 in the morning, +1000 experience points! We’re tired of fighting evil, let us be evil! Or am I alone and it just got quiet in here?

What do you think? What movie do you think would be a fun or creative MMORPG?


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